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Telling a story with data

at Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington
Learn how to write and tell a story from data for a range of audiences. These workshops are instructor-led sessions designed to help you tell a story using data and communicate the message through visualisation.
Past events

Data driven business model

Data visualisation with Power BI

at Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington
Learn how to use Power BI to create data visualisations. We offer 3 different levels of workshops: introduction, advanced, and master class.
RStudio Shiny

Data visualisation with Shiny and RStudio

at Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington
This workshop introduces you to the fundamentals of RStudio's Shiny, an R package that allows you to build interactive web apps.
fabio oyXis2kALVg unsplash

Open Data, Open Potential 2020

at Te Wharewaka o P┼Źneke, Wellington
Open Data, Open Potential is your window on the future of open data. Be informed, challenged and inspired by an afternoon of discussion and debate.