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How the Data and Statistics Act will improve the data system

The Data and Statistics Act 2022 is a critical enabler for moving forward; ensuring transparency and trust in the decisions we make on behalf of Aotearoa. Read more about how the new Act will deliver a robust, future-focused data and statistics system.

By Craig Jones
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Measuring FAIR Principles compliance

GNS Science has quantitatively assessed the FAIR Principles compliance of 50 high-value geoscience datasets. This benchmark is the starting point of a roadmap towards further improvements in FAIR compliance.

By Maria Mavroeidi, Mark Rattenbury
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The Government Data Strategy and Roadmap

The refreshed Government Data Strategy and Roadmap was published by the Government Chief Data Steward in September 2021. It provides a shared direction and plan for the government data system of Aotearoa NZ.

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