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Q4 Data leadership dashboard - June 2019

Stats NZ's quarterly data dashboard profiles key deliverables and how they contribute to the relevant visions of success:

  • innovation
  • data-driven decisions
  • valuable data.

The dashboard also documents the number of data-related engagements within and outside of government for each quarter and captures the number of international connections that have occurred.

Dashboard - June 2019 quarter [PDF 1.34 MB]

Vision of success

Innovation: share data and release open data to drive innovation

Open datasets released on

In June 2019 quarter – 658
In June 2018 quarter – 395

Total open datasets as at 30 June 2019: 7,216

Open data highlight

Launch of the Waikato Open Data Portal – a collection of the data held by 12 Waikato councils.

Data-driven decisions: capability is built to ensure data is used smarter to meet priorities

Approved/in progress research project applications (opportunities to put New Zealand’s data to good use):

In June 2019 quarter – 25
In June 2018 quarter – 28

Total for 2018/19 year – 110

Valuable data: engaging to ensure data is managed like a strategic asset to maximise its value

Number of engagements supporting government and organisations to manage and use data:

In June 2019 quarter: 71 (Government: 51, other organisations: 20)

Includes multiple interactions on different pieces of work.


The Housing Quality Conceptual Framework measuring New Zealand’s housing quality across government agencies was signed off by the Government Chief Data Steward in June 2019.

Developed in partnership with MBIE, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, and BRANZ, the framework is an important milestone in delivering the essential information to guide decision-making. It defines housing quality as:

the degree to which housing provides a healthy, safe, secure, sustainable, and resilient environment for individuals, families, and whānau to live in and to participate within their kāinga, natural environment, and communities.


Data literacy workshop

Contributes to: Innovation

A data literacy workshop was trialled in June 2019 to help Stats NZ meet the growing demand for data storytelling.

Free for participants, feedback from the trial will inform the future shape of the workshop to ensure it meets the needs of multiple audiences – including analysts and non-data specialists – who use data for different purposes.

Data inventories

Contributes to: Innovation, Data-driven decisions, Valuable data

We’re accelerating data inventories across government to help agencies understand what data they hold and how to better manage their data as a key asset.

Five agencies have completed data inventories, which are being prepared for publication. Another 11 agencies are either engaged in the process or signing up.

Benefits include increasing the transparency and visibility of what data is held where across government, highlighting duplication, revealing uncertainty over data ownership, and starting conversations on whether data could be made open.

Government use of algorithms

Contributes to: Data-driven decisions, Valuable data

We’re building on our work with the Privacy Commissioner to develop principles to support the safe and effective use of data and analytics. We continue to lead a cross-government programme – with the Government Chief Digital Officer – to increase the transparency and accountability of how government uses algorithms*.

We’re working on a formal Government response to the recommendations made in the Algorithm assessment report (published in October 2018 on

* Algorithms are the automated decision-making processes used by computer programs to identify patterns in data.

Principles to support the safe and effective use of data and analytics
Government Chief Digital Officer
Algorithm assessment report

operational Data Governance Framework

Contributes to: Data-driven decisions, Valuable data

Our partnership with Environment Canterbury (ECan) continues through the delivery of a set of data flow maps, as part of our data consultancy service. We piloted our new operational data governance approach with ECan last year, to help them better realise the value of their data assets.

These maps will enable ECan to document the way data and information moves through their organisation and understand how it reflects and influences their business processes. This knowledge can then inform changes that benefit their organisation.


OECD Open Data Expert Group meeting

Stats NZ was represented at the 5th annual OECD Open Data Expert Group meeting in Paris. This group advises and informs the direction of the OECD’s research and supports the development of tools and legal instruments in member governments.

Presenting at the opening session on diversity, we showcased the Māori perspective on data, including the rise of Te Mana Raraunga and their international affiliation with indigenous people around the world.

New Zealand’s story – encapsulating the government’s journey to be better collaborative partners in the future design, management and release of data from and about Māori – was well-received and generated new and challenging perspectives.

International connections

Total international connections in June 2019 quarter: 28

  • Pacific: 9
  • US: 3
  • Canada: 3
  • France: 2
  • UK: 2
  • Australia: 1
  • Republic of Korea: 1
  • Uruguay: 1
  • Estonia: 1
  • Israel: 1
  • Mexico: 1
  • Portugal: 1
  • Netherlands: 1
  • Italy: 1


September 2018 quarter:

  • Stocktake of government algorithms completed (Q1-2018/19)
  • Data Summit’18 completed (Q1-2018/19)
  • Algorithm report released (Q1-2018/19)

Data Summit'19 - it's a wrap
Towards new data and statistics legislation: consultation
Algorithm assessment report

December 2018 quarter:

  • Data strategy and roadmap published (Q2-2018/19)
  • Public consultation on legislation completed (Q2-2018/19)
  • Refreshed launched (Q2-2018/19)

Data strategy and roadmap

March 2019 quarter:

  • Advisory Group on Trusted Data Use – EOI process underway (Q3-2018/19)
  • Agreed cultural indicators delivered (Q3-2018/19)

Advisory Group on Trusted Data Use

June 2019 quarter:

  • Draft data stewardship framework and toolkit published (Q4-2018/19)
  • Data and Statistics Capability Framework rolled-out (Q4-2018/19)
  • Niue 2017 Census report completed (Q4-2018/19)
  • homepage redesigned (Q4-2018/19)
  • ECan data flow map project delivered (Q4-2018/19)

Draft data stewardship framework and toolkit

September 2019 quarter:

  • Data Ethics Group convened (Q1-2019/20)

Data Ethics Group

December 2019 quarter:

  • Cook Islands training programme delivered (Q2-2019/20)
  • First three data content standards approved (Q2-2019/20)

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