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A Data Maturity Assessment for Aotearoa New Zealand

What is the Data Maturity Assessment?

The Data Maturity Assessment offers a comprehensive and actionable assessment of data practice capabilities in an organisation. It does this by measuring data practice based on levels of maturity.

The Data Maturity assessment aims to assess data practice maturity and provide actionable insights. These insights support the business outcomes that the participating organisation identifies as important.

Who is running the data maturity assessment?

The Data Maturity Assessment is a Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS) initiative.

After a successful prototype phase in late 2022, the GCDS is running pilot assessments between February and June 2023.

The GCDS has designed the Data Maturity Assessment for an Aotearoa New Zealand government context, but it is flexible enough to meet the needs of other types of organisations.

Why should my organisation take the Data Maturity Assessment?

The Data Maturity Assessment targets the aspects of data maturity that are most relevant to your organisation's needs. This means that the insights provided will be relevant and actionable.

By applying the results of a GCDS data maturity assessment through your strategic and operational planning you can maximise the value of data for your organisation.

The results of the assessment will also inform a view of the state of the New Zealand government data system. This will be beneficial to the GCDS and other stakeholders in the data system.

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