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GCDS: COVID-19 data and information support

Up-to-date links to information, data, and work to support the Aotearoa NZ data system's COVID-19 response and recovery phases. This support is being led, developed, and helped by the Government Chief Data Steward out of Stats NZ. 

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Covid-19 lessons learnt and recommendations

The Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS) proposes six recommendations to improve the resilience of the government data system. The recommendations are based on the experiences of government agencies and international organisations during the pandemic.

Summary of the lessons learnt and recommendations
COVID-19 lessons learnt - full report [HTML]
COVID-19 lessons learnt - full report [PDF 772 KB]

Covid-19 data portal

This data portal has been developed and is maintained by Stats NZ. It reports on the changing state of aspects of New Zealand’s economy since the COVID-19 outbreak. Some international data has been included for comparison.

Covid-19 data portal

Open data catalogue's open data catalogue is an all-of-government service with ongoing technical development led by Government Information Services at the Department of Internal Affairs, and content production led by Stats NZ.'s open data catalogue

Government data registry

The draft register brings together datasets, as well as information not currently included in's open data catalogue such as category, which framework the dataset is used in, the frequency of updates, data sources, and contextual information.

Blog post on the draft government data registry

COVID-19 data and information activity catalogue

A catalogue of the COVID-19 related work underway or completed by government and non-government organisations. Each entry contains information about the type of work, the name of the work, the lead agency, the work itself, the key data sources used, and the current status. As the urgency to respond to COVID-19 data needs has slowed down, the catalogue is no longer being updated. This will be reviewed if there is another COVID-19 outbreak and the need for the catalogue returns.

More information about the activity catalogue
DEPRECATED COVID-19 data and information activity catalogue [CSV 7.02 MB]
DEPRECATED COVID-19 data and information activity catalogue [XLSX 5.4 MB]

Data and information collaboration platform

An MS Teams group designed for central government agencies to come together and talk data. The platform will help agencies identify new initiatives and ideas, seek feedback, and advise others about data or insights they may have developed. If you want to join the Team's group, email the COVID-19 data collaboration team at Stats NZ.

Questionnaires for specific populations

This guidance, written by Stats NZ, can help you develop questionnaires to collect COVID-19 related information on specific communities in Aotearoa NZ such as Māori, Pacific peoples, and disabled populations. 

Guide to developing COVID-19 related questionnaires for specific populations

Contact us

If there is something you believe is missing or have questions about, then contact us and we will ensure that the Government Chief Data Steward receives your feedback.

Content last reviewed 05 March 2020.

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