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Open data

  • What is open data?

    What is open data? Learn about the open data toolkit, open licences, open accessibility, and human- and machine-readability.

  • Open data policies

    New Zealand has several pieces of policy that have been endorsed by the Cabinet to support open government and the release of open data. These policies and principles are helpful to understand to support agency discussions relating to opening up data and improving transparency.

  • Formats for open data

    Machine and human readable formats, such as PDF, CSV, and XLS, ensures that you maximise the value of your open data while complying with open government data and information policies.

  • Benefits of using open data

    Open Data in a business context can, at first, appear at odds with the idea of economic value creation, particularly when publishing Open Data. Benefits can be found through using others open data or publishing it.

  • Open government information and data programme

    A cross-government programme to accelerate the release and reuse of open government data to maximise the value of that data.

  • Open data release checklist

    A draft checklist of the things you should consider before releasing open data.