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New Zealand open data action plan

The open government data and information programme ended on 30 June 2020. The open data action plan aimed to develop an environment which enabled open data, accelerating the release and reuse of open government data, so that New Zealand could maximise the value of open government data.

NZ open data action plan [PDF 1.1MB]


Increase access to government-held data

Better understand what data government agencies hold, by:

  • Publish inventories of data held by agencies, and ensure they are maintained.

Foster an enabling environment for agencies, by:

  • Establish a clear mandate and principles for releasing open government data
  • Explore options for resolving constraints imposed by agencies’ commercial business models, eg. support the next phase of reviewing access to weather data (led by MBIE)
  • Reinvigorate the Data Champions Network

Equip agencies to proactively release and maintain high value, in-demand data

  • Establish a ‘front door’ for support and consultancy services, training, information, and tools
  • Develop key data content and metadata standards to ensure data is interoperable
  • Support agencies to apply the NZGOAL licensing framework to open data
  • Explore centralised and shared solutions for publishing data
  • Support agencies to navigate barriers preventing release (technical, cultural, organisational)

Motivate agencies

  • Build awareness of the value of open data
  • Support agencies to define their open data aspirations and plans
  • Enable agencies to benchmark their data maturity and measure progress

Increase use of data

Improve the discoverability and accessibility of data

  • Refresh to ensure the changing needs of users are met
  • Develop an all-of-government data brokering service to facilitate access to data

Raise awareness of data availability

  • Share information with the open data community
  • Develop online resources including case studies, training resources, support information, and tools
  • Bring open data to the attention of potential users

Equip users to use data

  • Provide training, online resources, and tools to lift capability
  • Enable data users to share their experiences, tools, and code
  • Actively engage with the international open data community to develop solutions to increase citizen participation in government

Build an open by design culture

Build awareness and understanding

  • Deepen understanding of data users’ needs and work with agencies to meet those needs
  • Design user-centric resources for agency induction programmes

Enable two-way connections between citizens and government

  • Support agencies to increase stakeholder engagement with their data users
  • Share knowledge and insights on data users’ needs
  • Demonstrate the value of open data
  • Continually engage with the data community to identify data priorities

Equip the government workforce with a data mindset

  • Define core data competencies for the government workforce

Open data implementation plan

Stats NZ is the agency responsible for the open data action plan. This action plan is accompanied by implementation plans and progress reports that includes time-bound activities and milestones, and describes how the action plan will be delivered.

Implementation plan - June to October 2018
Implementation plan - October 2018 to April 2019

Background to the action plan

Read Background to the action plan for more information about the value of open government data, the action plan goals, the challenges we have to address, and the action plan's contribution to NZ's Open Government Partnership National Action Plan.

Background to the action plan

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Content last reviewed 05 August 2020