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The OGP Leadership Network Pilot - the Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa NZ

Stats NZ and Transparency International NZ (TINZ) have been invited to join the pilot cohort of the international Open Government Partnership (OGP) Leaders Network.
By Rebecca Adams
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Having trouble finding the info you need?

To support your work with data, we have drafted changes to our website and want to make sure that it helps you find what you need.
By Caleb Stone
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Frameworks to move the data agenda forward

COVID provides an opportunity to adopt a broader perspective on core concepts, to reimagine how we approach the foundational frameworks behind data management and use, to catalyse meaningful change. Feel the same, join us.  

By Kevin Sweeney
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COVID-19 support and resources from the GCDS

The Government Chief Data Steward wants to connect you to the resources and information you need to respond in a prepared and co-ordinated manner alongside your peers in the data system. 

By Caleb Stone
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Co-ordinating COVID-19 data activity across the system

The 'COVID-19 data and information activity catalogue' describes data and information work currently underway across the system. The catalogue is managed by the Stats NZ COVID-19 data collaboration team.

By Issy Hall
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A treasure trove of data - GNS Science's contribution to the data catalogue

Historic geological maps, fossils, volcanos, geomagnetism and Pokemon Go... Learn about the treasure trove of data that GNS Science care for and have made discoverable for you.

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Join the Data and Digital Community of Practice

We’re looking for a diverse group of people to join an organising committee for the Data and Digital Community of Practice to improve the New Zealand data system. Join us!

By Ashleigh Maw
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The data capability framework proves valuable at MFAT

MFAT is the first organisation to pilot the data capability framework tgauge the depth and breadth of data and analytical skills within the Ministry. Stats NZ and MFAT analysed responses to the framework assessment questionnaire and identified overall strengths and gaps across the range of 26 capabilities, giving an indication of MFAT's skill set and the direction they should move in the future. 

By Emma Gilkison
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An open data sun rises, as another sets.

The open government information and data programme has concluded. But the lessons from the programme will inform our ongoing commitment and work toward open government data, which endures under the Chief Government Data Steward.

By Caleb Stone
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A more viable approach to capturing data maturity

If data maturity assessments are to be of value as a business tool, they must express their results with clarity, meaning, and relevance to the executive leadership responsible for investment decisions. With this in mind, we propose a high-level and qualitative model.

By Kevin Sweeney
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Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa New Zealand

This week the Minister of Statistics James Shaw, launched the Algorithm Charter for Aotearoa New Zealand. The charter has already been signed by more than 20 government agencies. The Charter signals that these agencies are committed to being consistent, transparent and accountable in their use of algorithms.

By Dr. Craig Jones
path through trees stephen leonardi

Paving a clearer path to government data

We need your feedback - when looking for relevant data, what extra information would help? The draft government data register may give you some ideas.

By Jocelyn Morrison

Compiling Data Inventories

There is growing realisation around the world of the value in carrying out data inventories as a key foundational step to a well-managed data infrastructure and transparency over data held…
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Data governance – now more than ever

Data governance norms can be the proverbial calm in the storm. It seems to me we need that now, more than ever.

By Kevin Sweeney
from outer space

Data needs of resilient communities

The New Zealand Open Data Meetups, despite COVID-19 lockdown, were able to safely gather and talk about experiences, data frustrations and ideas to help in these unusual times.

ODOP collage

Open Data, Open Potential 2020

An event held on 6 March 2020. At this gathering to celebrate Open Data Day we were informed, challenged, and inspired by speakers offering different perspectives.
NZ government procurement open data team

Making government procurement data more accessible

New open data files make it easier to analyse contract award notices published on the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS).

By Alison Goffin (MBIE)