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The Government Data Strategy and Roadmap

Earlier this month, the Government Chief Data Steward released the New Zealand Government Data Strategy and Roadmap – the guiding document for the government data system, outlining priorities for the next five years.

By Lox MacKay
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Annual feedback survey

Each year we invite users of to complete a short survey about their experience using this website.

By Caleb Stone
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An informed use of facial recognition technology by NZ Police

Police are developing a suite of activities to ensure any emerging technologies, such as Facial Recognition Technology, are well understood, publicly accepted, and if need be, regulated. It is also critical that any impacts of technology are understood from a Te Ao Māori perspective.

By Craig Jones
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Gender, Sex and Variations of Sex Characteristics

On April 22, Stats NZ released an updated Statistical Standard for Gender, Sex and Variations of Sex Characteristics.

By Micah Davison
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Change to mandated data standards

The process for selecting mandated data standards (previously called Data Content Requirements, or DCRs) has been updated and approved by the Information Group.

By Sophie Austin
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Changes coming to the website

We drafted and tested possible changes to the way this website organises information. Based on that testing, we will make improvements to the website over the next few months. This blog is a heads up, so that you are best prepared for these planned changes. Also, we continue to welcome any feedback about the changes.

By Caleb Stone
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Data and Digital Standards Quarterly Event

On 11 February, 2021, the Data and Digital Standards Community of Practice will hold their first quarterly event of the year.

By Caleb Stone