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Anne Nelson

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Open data powers affordability app


Developer Alex Raichev used open data to create a web application that helps you work out the most affordable suburb to rent in and commute from.

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Busting open data myths

Ellen Broad believes that the benefits from open data are potentially organisation changing, because of the culture that open data encourages. Open data will drive government to being more efficient and working collaboratively to solve common problems.

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Getting our data out there

Government agencies are undergoing a culture change – they’re moving towards their data being ‘open by design’. At a recent workshop international expert Ellen Broad explained what open data is and outlined some of the considerations for agencies that are opening up their data.

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Networking and learning for open data users

Stats NZ is holding workshops for open data users next week: come along to share, learn and rub shoulders with other people who share your interest in open data.

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Strong foundations

Some big changes are underway that will have very positive impacts on open government data in New Zealand.

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