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Open data implementation plan – October 2018 to April 2019

The open government data and information programme ended on 30 June 2020. 

Blog post on the closure of the programme

This implementation plan lists the tasks that were planned from October 2018 to April 2019, to implement the open data action plan. We also published a progress report providing an overview of activities completed through to October 2018 and what’s happening in the data system.

Implementation plan progress report - June to October 2018

Publish inventories of govt data

  • Revise process for building data inventories by 18 Apr 2019.
  • Define and document processes for first three agencies by 19 Apr 2019.
    • Define and document processes for maintaining data inventories for first three agencies.
  • Publish first three completed data inventories by 26 Apr 2019.
    • Publish completed data inventories for first three agencies, ensuring it's clear what data is openly available or the reasons for restricting access.
  • Start compiling data inventories 4-6 by 26 Apr 2019.
    • Start compiling data inventories for the next three government agencies (#4-6).
  • Publish data inventories 4-6 by 30 Jun 2019.
    • Publish the next three data inventories (#4-6).

Track progress of open govt data release

  • Promote open data maturity survey and dashboard to data champions by 20 May 2019.
    • Start promoting the open data maturity survey and dashboard to data champions for better engagement.
  • Conduct open data maturity survey by 30 Jun 2019.
    • Conduct the annual open data maturity survey.
  • Update open data maturity dashboard by 19 Jul 2019.
    • Dashboard at Open Data Maturity Dashboard.
    • Checklist for update open data maturity dashboard is on the Trello card.

Open Data Maturity Dashboard

Reinvigorate data champions network

  • Complete post Dec '18 workshop tasks by 26 Apr 2019.
    • Action points and tasks following the 5 Dec 2018 workshop in Wellington.

Understand capability gaps in govt agencies

  • Research releasing open data and adopting an open by design culture by 29 Mar 2019.
    • Analyse existing insights, feedback, and research to understand the causal factors contributing to the issues and barriers agencies currently face with releasing open data and adopting an open by design culture.
    • As this is a large piece of work, we're breaking it down into component pieces – the checklist is on the Trello card.
  • Identify possible interventions.
    • Please see previous action –this will flow on as a result.

Build awareness of open data's value

  • Develop engagement plan by 28 Feb 2019.
    • Develop a schedule of communications, blog posts, events, and workshops to deliver the engagement strategy.
  • Finalise and implement engagement plan by 22 Mar 2019.
    • Finalise and begin implementing our engagement plan for building awareness of and Open Data NZ.
  • Promote through events by 30 Apr 2019.
    • Promote through events like DataLand NZ and research conferences, targeting four events.
    • In the last 6 months of 2018, we've been involved with:
      • DataLand NZ
      • Multiple open data meetups across NZ
      • #WellyTech 2018
      • Future Gov Summit 2018 [PDF 1.1 MB]
      • IPANZ event
      • NZ Data Analytics Forum event.
  • Increase local govt engagement by 30 Apr 2019.
    • Engage with more local government agencies throughout New Zealand and promote the use of Engage with six new councils.
    • Generating and updating list of local govt data champions.
  • Organise Open Data, Open Potential #2 by 30 Apr 2019.
    • Hold the next Open Data, Open Potential event.

DataLand NZ

Multiple open data meetups across NZ

#WellyTech 2018

Future Gov Summit 2018 [PDF 1.1 MB]

IPANZ event

NZ Data Analytics Forum event.

Build sustainability

  • Implement persistent ID service by 31 Mar 2019.
    • Implement a persistent ID service for data sources listed on
    • National Library already has an initiative underway so we are working to leverage and extend that to cover datasets on
  • Build key messaging by 31 Mar 2019.
    • Develop key messages to drive behaviour that will support sustainable release of open data, to be communicated through data champions and content on
  • Design open government training by 31 Mar 2019.
    • Draft an open government training module for public service induction programmes.

Equip agencies to proactively release data

  • Improve guidance for applying NZGOAL by 1 Mar 2019.
    • Help agencies apply the NZGOAL framework by publishing a step by step guide.
    • Clarification – do further user research to identify a more detailed user need around licensing knowledge.
  • Design and prototype data de-identification tool by 31 Mar 2019.
    • Develop the Stats NZ data de-identification tool into a deliverable product and service that provides fast and consistent confidentialisation of data.
    • Clarification - due date is for a working prototype live and being tested.

Done (tasks that have been completed)

  • Explore persistent ID service with National Library by 31 Dec 2018.
    • Partner with the National Library to explore implementing a persistent ID service for data sources listed on
  • Organise final Wellington open data meetup of year by 10 Dec 2018.
    • Doodle set up to decide on date of final meetup - sometime 9-14 December.
    • Message sent out to meetup members, and tweeted through @opendatanz.
    • We've decided on a date (10 Dec), let the community know and are in the process of finding a venue.
    • Details for the final #opendata Wellington meetup of 2018.
  • Organise data champions workshop #2 by 5 Dec 2019.
    • Hold the next Data Champions workshop, with a focus on data strategy and governance.
  • Organise final Auckland open data meetup for 2018 by 19 Nov 2018.
    • Details for final #opendata Auckland meetup of 2018.
  • Identify possible govt agencies for tranche two by 28 Sep 2018.
    • Identify possible government agencies for the next round (agencies #4-6) of data inventories.
  • Establish central location for open data resources by 31 Aug 2018.
    • We've archived the list of actions for "establish a central location for open data resources". The location is
  • Publish guidance on implementing the Open Data Charter by 30 Jun 2018.
    • Publish guidance resources (such as help notes and FAQs) to help government agencies understand how they can implement the Open Data Charter, and seek feedback on these resources.
    • Two draft guides were published on on 29 June 2018
      • an overview of NZ data and information principles
      • how NZ's data and information principles work together.
    • The public were invited to provide feedback via email or Loomio.
    • The programme team will continue to monitor feedback and insights from government agencies, and will develop additional resources in response to emerging needs.
  • Deliver data visualisation course (Dunedin) by 19 Jun 2018.
  • Deliver data visualisation course (Wellington) by 8 Jun 2018.
  • Recruit new data champions by 1 Jun 2018.
  • Provide input on open weather data consultation by 31 May 2018.
    • MBIE and Treasury concluded the review in October 2018.
  • Deliver data visualisation course (Christchurch) by 8 May 2018.
  • Deliver data visualisation course (Auckland) by 1 May 2018.
  • Develop digital engagement strategy culture by 27 Apr 2018.
  • Reestablish connections with existing data champions by 27 Apr 2018.
  • Initiate data inventories for three govt agencies by 20 Apr 2018. 

Parked (tasks that we’ve removed from the plan)

  • Design data champions terms of reference.
    • Work with data champions to define terms of reference for the data champion role.
    • This didn't come up in the data champions workshop as something they needed, so has been put on hold.
  • Identify support resources for data champions by 15 Jun 2018.
    • Identify the resources required to support data champions.
    • Challenges and solutions identified and documented in June - there'll be ongoing work around this.
  • Consolidate info on principles and frameworks for releasing open govt data by 31 Dec 2018.
    • Consolidate the information about the principles and frameworks for releasing open government data (including the Declaration on Transparent and Open Government, the NZ Data and Information Management Principles, the NZ Government Open Access and Licensing Framework, and the International Open Data Charter) and publish on a central location.
    • Part of ongoing content work for, so we won't track in detail here.

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Content last reviewed 20 August 2020.