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Algorithm Impact Assessment toolkit

The Algorithm Impact Assessment (AIA) toolkit is a series of tools for agencies to use to help them understand and assess the potential impacts of the algorithms they create or use.

AIA process

The Algorithm Impact Assessment (AIA) process is designed to support informed decision-making about the benefits and risks of government use of algorithms.

  1. Complete the Algorithm Threshold Assessment
    This form should be completed when designing or planning the use of algorithms. The answers will help determine whether a more in-depth Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) is required.
  2. If you answered “Yes” or “Unsure” to one or more questions, then complete the Algorithm Impact Assessment Questionnaire
    This questionnaire is a more rigorous assessment of the impact of your algorithm. It should be completed if the reviewer of the Threshold Assessment determines it necessary. This assessment requires diverse and multi-disciplinary input and should be reviewed by someone within your agency with the relevant experience (for example, risk assessment)
  3. Summarise your AIA using the Report Template
    This AIA Report template provides agencies with a template for developing an overall risk rating and reporting the key opportunities, harms, risks and controls identified across the AIA process for a given algorithm project.
  4. Refer to the Algorithm Impact Assessment User Guide for help with the process
    The User Guide explains the AIA process and provides guidance on how to complete the AIA Questionnaire.


Please download the relevant files and complete for your agency's internal use.

Algorithm Threshold Assessment –  [DOCX 58KB]

Algorithm Impact Assessment Questionnaire – [DOCX 87KB]

Algorithm Impact Assessment Report Template – [DOCX 381KB]

Algorithm Impact Assessment User Guide – [PDF 1.1MB]

Algorithm Impact Assessment User Guide - HTML


Stats NZ would like to thank Frith Tweedie from Simply Privacy for creating the Algorithm Impact Assessment process, designing the questionnaires, and compiling this user guide. Your skills and expertise have been invaluable.

We would also like to thank Katrine Evans (Government Chief Privacy Officer), Simon Anastasiadis (Principal Analyst, Stats NZ), Professor Alistair Knott (School of Engineering and Computer Science, Victoria University of Wellington), Joy Liddicoat (President of InternetNZ), the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and Daniel Lensen (General Manager Client & Business Intelligence at Ministry of Social Development). Your insightful feedback has helped shaped these assessment resources.

Content last reviewed 18 December 2023.