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Algorithm charter community of practice

The New Zealand Government Algorithm Charter Community of Practice (CoP) provides a forum for government people to share information, experience, challenges, and practice in relation to implementing the commitments of the ‘Algorithm charter for Aotearoa New Zealand’. This CoP is sponsored by the Government Chief Data Steward.

The CoP meets quarterly online and in person. A digital space has also been established on Microsoft Teams for CoP members to use.

Algorithm charter for Aotearoa New Zealand

Government Chief Data Steward


Membership of the CoP is open to all staff across all government agencies who are either signatories of the ‘Algorithm charter for Aotearoa New Zealand’, or non-signatories and are interested in ensuring New Zealanders have confidence in how government agencies use algorithms.

All members must agree to the CoP terms of reference.

CoP terms of reference

To join

Join by emailing

Content last reviewed 15 December 2023.