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Releasing data on

  • What is a publisher account and how do I apply?

    Government agencies can publish and update their datasets on the catalogue by applying for a publisher account.

  • Apply for a publisher account

    Add government datasets to the listing on

  • What metadata should I include with my dataset?

    Metadata describes your dataset to others in a standardised way. Having good quality metadata helps people discover and use your dataset. This guidance provides a description and examples of good practice metadata when releasing on

  • Adding datasets to

    Learn how to prepare a machine readable CSV file and publish to the data catalogue.

  • How do I add or update our Chief Executive expenses?

    State Services Commission ask agencies to disclose their Chief Executive Expenses at least annually. allows you to self-manage the update process to the CE Expenses datasets. This allows agencies to publish faster and meet the disclosure deadline.

  • How to correctly enter your open licence in ArcGIS Online

    This walkthrough will help you correctly set up Creative Commons licences for your data layers in ArcGIS Online open data portal. Setting licences correctly here flows through to when you make use of automated harvesting.

  • How to respond to a data request offers a data request form so that people can ask agencies for datasets they would like to see be made available as open data. This guide helps agencies to use the response features built into to resolve a data request they have received.

  • Automating dataset updates has adopted an international data harvesting open standard (data.json) which helps in automating agency dataset updates and additions. There are tools available to help generate the correct format and the open standard data schema is detailed with examples.

  • Formats for open data, machine readable and human readable

    Open data should be provided in a format that makes it easy for others to re-use. This often means it should be in a machine readable format. The New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing framework (NZGOAL), the all-of-government guidance for agencies to follow when releasing material for re-use, provides the best format options for the different types of data you might release.

  • Qualities of a good open data API

    There are 15 key things you can do to ensure your data API is user-friendly.

  • Open data release checklist

    A draft checklist of the things you should consider before releasing open data.