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Background and Context

A cross-government working party developed the plan, using a prioritisation framework. The development was overseen by the Information Group.

Where did the Data Investment Plan come from?

In June 2019, the Minister of Statistics asked the Government Chief Data Steward (GCDS) to develop a cross-agency Data Investment Plan (the Plan).

Government Data Investment Plan – full report [PDF 2.2 MB]

How the plan was developed

A working group, representing more than 20 government agencies, completed a stocktake of Essential Data Assets (EDA) and an assessment of their conditions to determine where gaps existed.

A Prioritisation Framework was developed, and applied to create a prioritised list of investment opportunities. This framework used criteria such as alignment with the goals of the Government Data Strategy and Roadmap, and the extent to which an initiative meets NZ’s enduring information needs. The development of the plan was overseen by the Information Group, a cross-agency group of senior leaders.

The Information Group

Feedback from other experts such as the Data Iwi Leaders Group and Te Mana Raraunga was also sought.

Engagement was undertaken with a wider group of iwi-Māori organisations on Māori data aspirations and needs. The results of these engagements led to the addition of three new investment opportunities to the Plan in 2022.

Further consultation was undertaken with lead agencies for the 30 top investment opportunities to understand the work required to deliver them, the cost estimates, and funding options from agency baselines. This was used to inform the development of a proposed delivery schedule of investment opportunities for the next three years (2023-25).

The role of the Plan in providing Budget advice

In recent years, ministers and officials have sought the GCDS view on government investment in data.

In 2019, the Data Investment Framework was created to guide the way investment in the data system could be made to deliver to government priorities.

Data Investment Framework

The Data Investment Plan builds on the Data Investment Framework. It provides a more detailed approach to strategic data asset needs for government and Iwi-Māori.

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Content last reviewed December 14 2022.