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This guidance is a good option if you want Te Ao Māori principles to inform your data practice. It is also a good framework for thinking about working with communities, and ensuring your data practices occur in good faith.

Ngā Tikanga Paihere draws on 10 tikanga (Te Ao Māori - Māori worldview) to help you establish goals, boundaries, and principles that guide and inform your data practice.

The 5 principles of Ngā Tikanga Paihere relate to a pair of tikanga with detailed explanations of their meaning, the expectations they relate to, and the things to consider when addressing each.

By asking yourself questions inspired by ngā tikanga at the beginning of your data use, Ngā Tikanga Paihere helps you guide your safe, responsible, and culturally appropriate use of data, ensure your data use is carefully considered and ensure your data practices occur in good faith.

Find out how you can apply Ngā Tikanga Paihere to microdata research projects.