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Climbing Fall Related Injuries

Could I please see data relating to climbing injuries in New Zealand from 2020 until present. Specifically injuries related to 'climbing' 'bouldering' 'sport climbing' 'trad(or traditional) climbing' and 'mountaineering'. Could I please see; (1.) date of injury, (2.) what the injury is either as written format or principle diagnosis code, (3.) where the injury occurred both by region and also (4.)the setting -eg sports facility, (5.) gender, (6.)age and (7.)ethnicity of the person involved, (8.) if a fall was the cause of injury.

I want to identify what groups of climbers are particularly at risk of falling and injuring themselves. This knowledge will then hopefully allow us to offer education and training to this group. Hopefully we can reduce rates of injury.

Identifying the most at risk groups so that intervention can be planned.

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