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New Zealand Public Holidays

A web service or other easily machine-consumable dataset containing current and future public holiday dates, including observation dates for those falling on weekends

Making it possible for small businesses, service providers and cash-strapped government departments to use the data for scheduling, rostering, charging, etc in an affordable manner

Response from
Department of Labour

Data not available for release

The best response to this query is to link to the Department of Labour website - - this states that:

Who sets the dates for public holidays?

For employment purposes, there are 11 public holidays provided for under the Holidays Act 2003, administered by the Department of Labour.  The legislation lists the holidays, but does not generally set dates for them.  Some holidays are set by legislation (e.g. Waitangi Day Act, ANZAC Day Act, Sovereigns Birthday Observance Act, administered by the Department of Internal Affairs), while others are religious holidays (i.e. Easter and Christmas).  Provincial Anniversary Days are observed locally by custom and practice, and are generally prescribed by regional or city Councils, after discussion with business and retail associations and other community groups.

The Department of Labour has, from our enquiries with various organisations associated with the fixing of public holidays, compiled the following list.  This list has been compiled by information provided and in good faith, however we cannot give any guarantee of accuracy, as these dates may be subject to changes outside this Department’s control. You may therefore also wish to seek confirmation with other organisations such as church dioceses, local city and provincial councils, and other government departments and business organisations. 

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