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Data for COVID-19 Vaccination Claims

Please share the total number of claims submitted in relation to serious adverse events caused by COVID-19 vaccination since the start of the Covid-19 vaccination in the New Zealand

For a research study: Comparing the COVID-19 vaccine-related claims submitted across no-fault compensation programs in the world

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation


COVID-19 vaccine injury claims data is publicly available on ACC’s website at Please note that the data is updated on a quarterly basis. As the data requested is publicly available, we are not providing a copy of it in here. This decision has been made under section 18(d) of the Act. If you have any questions about this response, please get in touch You can email me at If you are not happy with this response, you can also contact the Ombudsman via or by phoning 0800 802 602. Information about how to make a complaint is available at

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