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Whiplash and MSK injury claims 2021 and 2022

Can you please send me 2 datasets - for whiplash (WAD) injuries related to auto accidents and claims and MSK injuries related to work claims. For both injuries I'd like to know about: how many occurred each year (total number, i do not need gender or age or location) , total cost, cost of injury by type, duration of injury from time of injury to recovery ie. one week, one month, 6 months thank you

informing rehabilitation treatment pathways and associated cost forecasts to help the ACC reduce medical and lost income costs

Navigator Health Group

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Accident Compensation Corporation

Dataset submitted

Kia ora The response to your request can be found at If you have any questions or any additional request, please email Ngā mihi


  • ACC Government Services (Accident Compensation Corporation)

    Kia ora Marcus

    Please try opening the data using the following link:

    You'll need to download the dataset using the 'download' button in the top right-hand corner.

    If this does not work, please email us at and we will send you the data directly. We do not have access to the email address used to make this request, nor do we wish for you to post it publicly here.

    Ngā mihi

    ACC Government Services

  • Marcus McRitchie (Requester)

    i cannot open the data sheet - can u please resend to my email address above

    thank you