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Excess mortality

Overseas data show excess morality over the last two or three years. I request the NZ data on this subject be made public as a comparison to overseas figures. Namely 2019 2020 2021. Data for 2022 would be appreciated too if available.

Understanding of where we are compared to rest of the world.

Making public data that is of public interest is important in a democracy.


  • Laura Cleary (Ministry of Health)

    Manatū Hauora have published data related to mortality during the COVID period here:

  • Ling Laurence (Requester)

    On the other hand all-cause mortality data would be of interest to me too if you - Ministry of Health - can furnish it, over the same period 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 (at least up to Sept), that is if you don't have the first data on excess mortality I requested, but if you have this second lot of data on all-cause mortality I would be glad of it too. You asked for the problem this data would solve ( Ref: above). I can only say that if you don't know if there is excess mortality in NZ when all the overseas data says such is the case, well you need to check it out, and then find out how we avoided the excess mortality. If there is excess mortality, what is the Ministry of Health doing to solve the problem?

    Thanks for you help.