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Accredited employers

Could I please get an updated list of accredited employers

Finding my husband a job to get an AEWV

Allowing to see our options and upskilling New Zealand’s staff shortage problem

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment

Data not suitable for release

Thank you for your request for a List of Accredited Employers through the AEWV scheme via This website is used to request data which is deemed not personal or sensitive in nature. As this list contains potentially sensitive information, please submit your request to The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) will be able to assess your request and provide a response to you under the Official Information Act. For ease of processing, if you are able to reference ‘OIA for List of Accredited Employers through the AEWV scheme’ in the subject of the email, that would be much appreciated. Thank you MBIE Ministerial Services


  • Lindul Amaratunga

    I need a updated list of accredited Employers

  • Cyrus Baruc

    I have skilled experience in green list roles. I want to see a list of accredited employers as AEWW is the only visa option for me at the moment.