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Education Act 2020 - The 12-month limit on transition plans to full-time

"Section 42 of the Education and Training Act enables a student’s parent (or full-time caregiver where appropriate), their principal and the Secretary for Education to agree to vary hours as part of a transitional attendance plan when the particular needs of the student require this. The plan must be requested by the parents only. It must be considered by all parties involved to be in the child’s best interests, and evidence will be required from a medical professional. The plan can be for no more than six months duration but can be renewed once only for a further period of up to six months." 1) How many students, per month, have had an initial transition plan back to full-time attendance, since August 2020? 2) How many students, per month, have had their transition plan renewed, since (six months after) August 2020? 3) How many students have been granted a "initial" transition plan of six months, more than once? (part-time, full-time, part-time.) 4) How many students, per month, have been granted an exemption to allow part-time attendance for longer than 12 months?

Illuminating whether the law around transition plans and part-time attendance is functioning as intended.

Providing data to highlight trends, and to create a basis for further questions.

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