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NZ Post codes

Can you please send me csv file of all NZ post codes and the regions within NZ they fall into eg Waikato, Northland, Canterbury etc

We are trying to group our National database members into regions to help with funding requests and reporting on funding given. Currently we have the city but we need a broader grouping. If you can't supply the list of regions then as long as there is a city attached then we can manually go through and group them but it would save a lot of time if this was already available.

When applying for funding we can then easily get a number of members that are in that specific region the funding covers.


  • Grant perry

    Please email post code and suburb names for all Auckland areas I.e central, west, north, south and east auckland. Thank you.

  • Lee Green

    Can I please get the list of all post codes in NZ

  • Vera Stojanovic

    Can I please get the list of all post codes in NZ

  • Stuart Harwood

    Please send postcodes and relevant suburb names?