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Complete Updated List of Written Questions Answers

Currently, Parliament publishes responses to all written PQs on its website. However, the responses are not published in a list but rather a list of links that require the user to click through to read a response. It would be useful if users could access a dump of the questions (even if just in plain text) that contains all of the same details (e.g. requestor's name, responding Minister, question number, asked date, response data, published answer). This would allow researchers to perform their own analyses of the data without having to collect it laboriously by having to click, open and copy individual questions.

There's no easy way to download all questions (all or in a specified range) for analytical purposes. At present, the website limits the number of questions shown on screen at one time and hides individual responses. At best, you can view "All details" to open responses but even then that's limited to the small number of responses on screen.

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