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GeoJSON/KML Data for Rubbish/Recycling Days

Hi, I would like the geospatial data which contains the collection days for rubbish / recycling. Note that this information can be queried by your backend Sharepoint site, which has some logic to determine what address is in a specific area... an educated guess means that it is using geospatial data to do this. I would like that made available. In laymens terms, I would like the dataset behind this site. Most councils have these data sets available, so it's confusing why the biggest council in NZ doesn't have it: Regards, Jacob

Allowing third-party integrations (i.e. Mapbox) to present rubbish collection dates to a user in ways that are convenient to the user.

Response from
Auckland Council

More information required about request

Hi there, I have received this request but need some more information from the user. The request is asking for the sharepoint lists that feed into the collection day search, which are not linked to our GIS layers. If the user could please advise what they require the data for, or please clarify whether they are looking for an extract of the sharepoint lists or just the shapefile with council's rubbish and recycling collection days, that would be appreciated to help me find the most appropriate information for their request. Kind regards, Claire Scott-Knight

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