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NZ Postal Address Data for Auckland Region

Kia Ora, I am looking for a dataset that contains all residential postal addresses within Auckland Region. The reason for this is to conduct a civic lottery in which Watercare can randomly select Aucklanders to participate in a Citizen's Assembly to discuss the future of Auckland's water supply. This project is being run by Watercare in partnership with Koi Tū: The Centre for Informed Futures. For more information on the process please refer to the Complex Conversations webpage

We need a dataset containing postal addresses in order to ensure we have the widest possible reach of citizens throughout Auckland. Using only water bills from Watercare are used, for example, would reduce the pool of potential participants because not everyone is a landlord that pays water bills, and as a result rents would not have an equal chance to participate.

Using postal addresses would allow us to have the largest and most diverse sample of citizens when we run the civic lottery (random selection). All we need is the ability to randomly select participants from different wards within the Auckland region in order to send them a formal invitation in the mail to attend the Citizen's Assembly. We are aiming to have 36 citizens attend in total.

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