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Current list of licensed pharmacies and hospital pharmacies

List of licensed pharmacies and licensed hospital pharmacies which is updated on a regular basis. The data should contain Legal Entity Name, Premises Name, DHB, Street Address, Town/City, Postal Code, and License Expiry Date and Type of Pharmacy.

...not having an aggregated list of all pharmacies and hospital pharmacies. Obtaining current data on approved (licensed) pharmacies It is critical to know if a pharmacy's license is up-to-date when distributing medicines to them.

There is an obligation on organizations in the pharma industry to verify the authenticity of their customers and suppliers - first before trading with them, and the re-verify the status periodically - minimum annually. Providing such a register would help organizations in the pharma industry to easier ensure they procure and sell medicinal products only to entities authorized to do so.

Response from
Ministry of Health


An extract of the pharmacy licence register is published by Medsafe, updated monthly. Note not all requested information is available in the register. The register extract is available at


  • Mary Fryer

    Can I have lust of accredited pharmacy in Auckland

  • Te Whatu Ora (Ministry of Health)

    You can download the list from here:

    Click on the link at the bottom of the page to download.

  • Anna Davies

    Can I please have a list of hospital pharmacies.

    Thank you


  • Miguel Faria

    Is there a way to download this list?