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NZ Post Codes

We are looking for a complete list of NZ Post Codes in order to validate the postal code that is supplied by our customers

Validating NZ Postal Codes to ensure no invalid data (Post Codes) are captured


  • Don Udugala

    I can see lot of request, but Can't see any download links for this since the loop started. Any Updates on this data

    I can see lot of Companies instead of gov data

  • Lachlan Green

    Request to download please.

  • Theunie

    Request to download please

  • Janice

    Request to download please

  • Miklos Gyalog

    Request to download, please. Thanks!

  • Joshua Campbell

    Request to download please, thank you

  • Martin Reinhard

    Requst to download, please. Thanks!

  • Hui Ian Tan

    Request to download please. thank you

  • Antonio Laguna

    Request to download, please. Thanks!