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Water use (water demands) records

Information: Water demands, withdrawals and consumption from sectors like irrigation, livestock, households, manufacture and thermoelectric power plants. Spatial scale: Regions/States or national level. Temporal scale: finer resolution possible (monthly) since 1980 onward. Format: Information in spreadsheet (.xlsx) or text file (.txt or .csv) format.

The development of an updated global-scale sectoral water use model which will help to analyse water scarcity under droughts and heatwaves.

To build process understanding of how sectoral water use behaves during drought-heatwave events. It is expected to gain insight of sectoral competition and to identify specific regional patterns that can be later associate with socioeconomic indices.

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Statistics New Zealand

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Kia Ora In regard to your enquiry “Water Demands , Withdrawals,Consumption from sectors like irrigation,livestock,households,manufacture and thermoelectric power plants at a Regional/National level from 1980 onwards we do have some Water Physical Stocks in the Environmental Economic Accounts -these are at a broader level and are recent 1995-2020. I suggest you try the Councils both Regional and Territorial Cities and Districts as well. Environmental-economic accounts: Water physical stocks, year ended June 1995–2020 | Stats NZ Alternative organisations who collect data : Regional Local Government ( NIWA | Climate, Freshwater & Ocean Science Auckland Council Wellington City Council Home | Environment Canterbury ( Kind Regards Nga Mihi Stats Nz

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