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Statistics on Stillbirths, Preterm Labour, Malformations and Adverse Health Outcomes pre and post Pfizer Vaccination roll out. March2019 - Current date

I request the statistics on the above rates. Information to be included: How many of these mothers were vaccinated with Pfizer during pregnancy. Is there any correlation between these outcomes and vaccinated mothers? -- Has there been a increase in stillbirths, preterm labour, malformations and adverse health outcomes since the rollout of the Pfizer vaccination.

This would provide supportive evidence to give informed consent for pregnant mothers who are considering a vaccination. It is not enough to just say "Its is safe."

Sharing and not withholding this information creates trust that you are providing all information without biases.

Response from
Ministry of Health

Data not available for release

A response to this request has been published on the Ministry of Health website at the following link:


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    If the link above doesn't work for you, try this one:

    Search for response number H202200138.


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