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Managed Isolation and Quarantine Returnee Survey Experiences

1. In CSV format, collated responses to the Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) Experience Survey between May 2021 to the most recent available data, broken down by survey question and month recorded. Excel rows should include each (non-identifying) question posed to survey respondents. Excel columns should include number of respondents to corresponding question; average response (for numerically scaled questions, i.e. on a scale of 1-X); Number of respondents who 'strongly agree' (for qualitative multiple choice questions); number of respondents who 'somewhat agree'; number of respondents who 'somewhat disagree'; Number of respondents 'strongly disagree' (for qualitative multiple choice questions). Include all additional comments provided in open-answer section of survey, anonymized only as strictly necessary to preserve personal data and information of respondents. AND 2. In PDF format, all internal reports from May 2021 to November 2021 that used the aggregate data sourced from the Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) Experience Survey responses. Including reports which were used to create the monthly infographics of MIQ returnee experience surveys found here: Redacted only as is explicitly justified under the Official Information Act of 1982.

Limited transparency of the experiences of travellers through the MIQ system. There are monthly reports of returnee experiences, but such reports (link: are not detailed nor provide information on responses to particular questions regarding experiences of MIQ, leaving MBIE's interpretation of what is a 'positive' or a 'negative' comment impossible to fact-check. There is significant public interest for taxpayers and citizens of the experiences of travellers in the MIQ system, which is subsidised by the New Zealand taxpayer and a requirement of all returning travellers to New Zealand. MBIE's provision of some information of the survey results indicates that it acknowledges the public interest in common experiences within MIQ, but more detailed breakdown of said information is necessary for a detailed picture of experiences.

Providing more detailed and minute breakdowns of survey responses.

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Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment


MBIE's response to this OIA request was sent to the requesting email address,, on Thursday 24 February 2022.

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