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List of NZ towns and cities data

I would like to request a list in either excel, csv format of a distinct list of NZ towns, suburbs, cities. It could be in the format as: Area Classification (whether it is a town or suburb), Town Name, Suburb Name, City Name, Post Code e.g. [Suburb, - , Parnell, Auckland, 1052] or [Town, Tairua, - , -, 3508]

incorrect and bad quality data in our CRM system. This data will help clean up the address fields saved in the database and potentially weed out duplicates.

using this list to correctly classify address street addresses into their appropriate regions - cities, suburbs and towns which is then going to be used in cleaning up customer addresses which are badly formated or incorrect.


  • Parth Mehta

    Requesting this data set of postcodes, suburb, city for better logistics network mapping

  • Vernzi

    I need this too

  • Sheree Taylor

    Request data set of towns and postcodes for website shipping

  • Mike Taillie

    For couriers