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NZ schools by size and location

Comma-separated .csv file of New Zealand schools (excluding early years and tertiary), with columns for geolocation (postcode should be fine but longitude/latitude preferred) and number of pupils at each school please

I am working on a policy document for the UK Department for Education looking at non-staff spending in schools, and we want to visualise the overall distribution of schools by size in NZ for comparative purposes. This would be useful for us to help factor smaller schools into our analysis of the problem here

Response from
Ministry of Education

Dataset submitted

Kia ora, This information is publicly available on our website, Education Counts: If you click the "Download the Whole Directory" button, it will download a .csv file of a directory of New Zealand schools. Column N contains postcode information and column AI has the total school roll. If you require any further information, you can contact us at Thank you

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