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Catchments and Hydrology (Geodatabase) Auckland Council

I would like to request this dataset as I can't seem to be able to open it form the opendata portal, it simply takes me to a broken 404 link page. I would like to request the geodatabase file to be sent to me containing the following: The Catchments and Hydrology dataset contains the following features: Overland Flow Paths, Flood Prone Areas, Flood Sensitive Areas, Flood Plains and Stormwater Catchments.Currency:Overland Flow Paths - last update June 2013Flood Prone Areas - last update September 2013Flood Sensitive Areas - last update May 2013Flood Plains - last update July 2013Stormwater Catchments

Being able to overlay overland flow paths and flood prone areas on our GIS system. Otherwise I am currently georeferencing images and it's tedius and time consuming.

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