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Cyclist Accidents

The NZTA Crash Analysis System (CAS) exists to record on-road crashes but it is known that crashes, especially for cyclists, are unreported. NZTA estimate 40% of cyclist crashes are not entered onto the CAS. It is known that ACC data includes cyclist accidents not reported on CAS. Ideally the data set from ACC should map to the CAS attributes, where they exist and match. As a minimum, ACC data should as a priority include for cyclists: Date Time Latitude Longitude Street/Road Name Injury Severity Number of injured On/Off Road Number of other Vehicles involved Type of other involved (pedestrian, e-scooter, bicycle, motorbike, car, van, truck, bus, other)

An important use of the CAS data is to identify cyclist accident black spots by specific location (eg. intersection) or by a stretch of road.
This data is used to design and modify road infrastructure for all road users, including cyclists.
Mapping ACC data onto the CAS attributes would improve the available quality of crash data.

If the ACC data related to vehicle crashes (including cyclists) was mapped onto the CAS database in the back end, then all of the front end functionality available through the CAS portal could be used. The combination of CAS data and ACC data would enhance the overall quality of data available to all users.

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