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NZ Postal Codes with town/city and suburb names, map of NZ with these locations

Please can you send me a list of all NZ postal codes with the names of the cities, towns and suburbs plus a map of both islands and where these codes are situated. I would appreciate receiving the postal codes and associated location names in CSV format. The maps with the locations and postal codes can be in PDF format.

Having this data will be able to solve the problem of identifying the postal codes and the names of the cities/towns and suburbs of my customer base throughout New Zealand. This data will also assist me in the negotiations I'm entering into with the 3PL providers and courier services to pick, pack and distribute my products to my customers. I'm servicing customers across both the North and South Island and my freight costs are sky rocketing.

Allowing me to identify the exact postal locations of all my customers across New Zealand and negotiate where best to hold my stock and potentially distribute from more than one location. Plus assist me to negotiate specific courier rates for the potential stoging and distributing my products, which I have very many of.


  • Rebecca Stevens

    Request to download for a project we are doing

  • Miho Thomas

    Could I please request the NZ Postcodes and suburbs list.

  • Joy Viray

    May I request for the NZ Postcodes and suburbs list , please.
    Thank you

  • Joleen McKenzie

    Please can I request the NZ Postcodes and suburbs list

  • Geoff Eaton

    Could I please request the NZ Postcodes and suburbs list.

  • Stephen McCurdy

    Request to download

  • Jan Wijninckx

    Need this to configure my store please

  • Roshan Singh

    Request to download