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Clinical Safety Data request on the National Immunisation Schedule and Covid vaccines.

As per the Official Information Act of 1992, please supply all the clinical safety data, both short term and long term, assessing the safety of administering all the vaccines in the manner and temporal nature of the national immunisation schedule, for every population subset including, but not exclusively, children, adults, elderly, pregnant and breastfeeding women, immunocompromised, etc. Please also supply the clinical safety data across all available populations demonstrating the safety of administering any additional vaccine offered in New Zealand that currently falls outside the National Immunisation Schedule including, but not exclusively, the flu vaccines, chicken pox, shingles vaccines and the new covid vaccine(s) to a person who has previously received every immunisation listed on the national immunisation schedule. Please supply the data you are using to declare to the public that the Pfizer vaccine is safe to administer to a person who has previously received all other vaccines on our National Immunisation Schedule.

Vaccine hesitancy, specifically relating to the new covid vaccine. Confidence in our National Immunisation Schedule, as well as trust in our government currently amending our laws to respond to the covid pandemic.

This data will assist the vaccine hesitant in feeling safe to take the new Covid vaccines. Just simply being told they are safe is not sufficient. The data, which you must currently have open since the leaders of our country are currently declaring them daily, and thus they should be made available to the public to back their claims so that they can feel confident when taking vaccines and give informed consent.

Response from
Ministry of Health

Data does not exist


  • Medsafe (Ministry of Health)

    Unfortunately we cannot provide this data as people are not systematically providing us with their medical history when they report an adverse reaction following immunisation. The scientific literature may be a better source of information.

  • Claire McLauchlan

    Please send me the safety data and adverse reactions associated with the following underlying Medical Conditions:
    Autoimmune disorders, COPD, Previous history of Thyroid Cancer, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (Childhood), Dementia, Enlarged Heart, Atrial Fibrillation.

  • Amber

    Please tell me how me getting this vaccine "protects others" when transmission was not measured, and I am still able to get and transmit COVID.

  • Cassie reid

    Please send me the details for compensation if I was to have an adverse reaction to the covid jab and what timeframe you base this on, etc.
    Especially since all information available is in support of the government. We should have all the facts before making an informed decision.