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Covid19 vaccination claims

Please provide data for all covid related vaccination claims including death and side affects also including age, gender and ethnicity.

If this vaccine is safe and affective

Calculating risk


  • Bernice

    Can I please get a copy of the data related to shoulder injuries ( SIRVA ) due to covid vaccination or any other type of vaccination that has been received by ACC in the last 10 years and the number of cases actually accepted and covered by ACC for this injury in this time frame
    Can you also provide me with the criteria that ACC has in place for accessing (SIRVA ) Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration

  • Carmen

    Please also provide me with data on deaths related to covid vaccine and successful injury claims stating the injured persons age, gender and ethnicity. The time it took for the injury to occur after receiving the covid vaccine dose and if it was a first dose or second dose.

  • Venessa

    Can I get a copy please.

  • Kayla Wilkinson

    I would also like this information