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Detailed Unemployment Data - Short/Long-term discouraged workers, marginally-attached workers, etc.

Timeseries of Detailed Unemployment Data Containing 1. Short-term discouraged workers 2. Long-term discouraged workers 3. Marginally attached workers 4. Part-time because they cannot find full-time employment 5. Jobseeker support numbers 6. Age group 7. Gender 8. Ethnicity 9. Location (City/Region) 10. Time (Quarterly/Yearly)

1. Impact of automation on sub-populations.
2. Impact of pandemics on sub-populations.
3. Effectiveness of government social and fiscal policies on labor is not well known.

Response from
Statistics New Zealand

Request received

Kia Ora We do not have data on Discouraged workers but we do have a Survey called "Labour Market Statistics " which has data on the following : Household Labour Force Survey : Employment Unemployment Underemployment Underutilisation Not in the Labour Force Unemployment Rate Employment Rate Working Age Population Please see 3rd link under Download data for Household Labour Force standard excel tables: In addition we do have a "Infoshare" tool where you can customise your own tables to your requirements-here is a link to the templates : You can build long time series from this tool as well. If you need any help/data please call us on freephone 0508 525 525 or email us on or chat with us online at (see bottom right handside of Homepage "Chat with Stats nz now) Jane

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