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Cost of ACL Injuries

Cost of ACL injuries requiring reconstructive surgery to ACC Average pre surgery cost Average post surgery cost - equipment rental, travel costs, physio subsidy How long do individual take off work post surgery (broken into age groups) Average weekly cost for ACC for an individual post surgery (wage repayments) CSV/XLS format

Analysing the cost ACL surgery has on ACC, and evaluating the effect new rehabilitation technology may have on reducing the time to return to work.

Allowing comparisons of time frames to be made during an upcoming data collection period, as well as evaluate if/how developing new rehabilitation technology can assist reducing injury costs.

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

Dataset submitted

Kia ora Please find the link below to the information as per your request. I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions about this response, please contact my team at Link to data: Kind regards Analytics & Reporting, ACC

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