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Border MIQ - actual throughput

Seeking the actual number of travellers that have been processed through NZ's border MIQ accommodation. Data could be presented in terms of MIQ 'vouchers' issued as well as total number of travellers per month, and is most useful in recent months when MIQ limits have been reached.

How efficient our border MIQ voucher and accommodation systems have been in responding to increased demand throughout 2021.

This information will inform the debate on how effective the present MIQ voucher and accommodation systems are at present, and how they may best be improved, going forward.

Response from
Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment


The information requested is freely available on the MIQ website (updated daily):


  • Karl Barnes

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  • MBIE/MIQ OIA Team advisor (Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment)

    Good morning, in relation to your comment, the Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS) allows people to book a room in Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) - about 4,000 rooms are available every 18 days (some of these rooms are set aside for emergency allocations, time sensitive travel and group allocations). MIQ does not know how many prospective travellers may be looking to return to New Zealand, as MIAS does not record or queue information in that manner - it is a booking system, when a room is available, it can be booked. In recent months demand has outstripped supply and many people have missed out on the date they would have preferred to travel. Right now due to the Covid-19 response alert level, there is a pause on rooms being released of re-released (from room vouchers returned to the system).
    If you would like to make an Official Information Act for specific information (with a time period) please email MBIE direct

  • Mal Baker

    I’m actually after the (total) number of “prospective travellers” you have on your books, and the number of rooms “Available” daily, from which to subtract “Rooms Utilised”.