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Table of ACC compensation payments by cost and cause annualised for comparative purposes

A simple consolidated table of causes and costs of injury that would enable comparison of risk. I found the piecemeal data at, so the data exists in the public domain, but the process of comparison is very tedious!

... being aware of what risks exist, their frequency and magnitude and their cost to indivduals, families and the country in terms of lost time and money.
Easier access to this already existing information would help to guide employers in educating their staff about health and safety issues, and teachers, parents and guardians in discussing objectively with their children the risks of some practices and activities so they can grow up more aware and responsible.

... making existing data more accessible and comparable.

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

More information required about request

Kia ora as your request is worded it is asking for every category of injury - this would involve a substantial amount of collation and research as the information is not held in one location, and would involve thousands of data sets. We would likely refuse it under section 18(f) of the Act. You can find categories on our website here of accident groups. If you are after something specific please get in touch with us. Again we are happy to discuss it with you further if you contact us via Government Services.


  • Government Services (Accident Compensation Corporation)

    Kia ora we are just following up on our email above. At this stage we are refusing it under section 18(f) of the OIA. Please get in touch if you would like to narrow your request from the link we provided.

    If you are not happy with our decision you have the right to seek an investigation by the Ombudsman at

  • Ann McLean (Requester)

    Following up on my earlier request, I'm looking for a consolidated table of all causes of accident basically like this:
    Year 2019
    Cause Paid by ACC
    Motor vehicle $xx,xxx,xxx.oo
    Bicycle $x,xxx,xxx.oo
    Trips and falls $ xxx,xxx.oo
    Tennis $ xx,xxx.oo
    Rugby $
    House/garden work $ x,xxx,xxx.oo

    I'm sure you have much better ways of grouping and categorising, but you get the drift!
    It would be simply a consolidation of the data you already put out in the public domain, but would enable interested parties to ascertain, compare and manage risk better, hopefully for the benefit of the nation!