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Suicides since the most recent enquiry into mental health care was completed and presented

I want the amount of people who have died while beurocrats waste time to be published

Show how much blood is on the hands of people who ignored much of the enquiries core recommendations and funded the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff but ignored community treatment options turning wards into modern asylums instead of hospitals and directly, in my and other patients and their loved ones, worsened an already unacceptable crisis.

Showing the public the problem that exists in seeking treatment before being actively suicidal and just how many people it kills.

Response from
Health and Disability Commissioner

Data not available for release

Thank you for your enquiry. The information you are requesting is unavailable, you can read about the release of these statistics on the Coronial Services webpage: Provisional suicide statistics for the 2020/21 year can be found using the Suicide Web Tool link located on this page

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  • Kayla Wilkinson

    Awaiting this info too