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regions, cities, towns and suburbs

I am looking for a data set that shows me the Regions of NZ, the associated cities and towns of those regions and any applicable suburbs within those cities or towns. Example: Auckland Region, Auckland, North Shore: Albany Birkenhead Birkdale Glenfield etc..... Excel format would be suitable

I am looking for this data to help sort referral trends for community healthcare, I cannot seem to find a resource for this online

Response from Statistics New Zealand

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  • Info Team Stats NZ (Statistics New Zealand)

    See the link below for statistical area concordances.

    E.g. Statistical Area 2 2020 to Territorial Authority 2020 V1.0.0,source,target&sort=relevance-&start=40&rows=20

    Note: Towns and suburbs are not statistical area terms. The nearest to a suburb would be SA2 (statistical area 2). Postcodes are not official statistical areas and are copyright to NZ Post.

  • phuong

    request the set of towns, suburbs, postcode, TA relating