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Warrant of Fitness completed by Testing Station compared to Mechanic shops

The trend of inspecting organisations (IO) for Warrant of Fitness' of how many WoFs have been completed in an independent IO (WoF station) compared to a mechanical workshop. The aim is to understand the impact of the introduction of the 12 month WoFS and the recent crack down on IOs and the quality of WoFs carried out. The data should be broken down by region.

This would provide analysis of the labour market and consumer trends towards vehicle inspections. This is important to see the impact of the law changes regarding vehicles registered on or after 2000 needing a WoF once a year rather than every six months, as well as the recent 'crack down' on IOs and the quality of WoFs performed.

The problem being solved is how consumer spending has changed since the introduction of 12 month Warrants for vehicles registered in the year 2000 and after. what has the impact been on Inspecting organisations, is there a preference for independent IOs or mechanic workshops.
This information would allow IOs to plan for the future and adapt to consumer trends.

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Waka Kotahi (NZTA)

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