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Re: Sport Related Injuries (51939) - seeking further breakdown of 'Soft Tissue related Injuries' (ACC) in this category

We are seeking to obtain a further breakdown of the Sport Injury Data (#51939 ACC) looking specifically at; Sport: 'Fitness Training/Gym' Diagnosis: 'Soft Tissue Injuries' A similar dataset which was presented for 'Running Related Injuries' on this site; would serve as a good example. Including: - Total claims for each year (last 10 years) - By region (Location) - Ethnic Groups - Ages - Sex - Types of Soft Tissue Injuries (Primary Injury diagnosis) - Injury Cause and; - Injury Site. CSV/Excel data is fine. A further file which we found on this website named "Soft Tissue Injuries" presented no further information than basic statistics.

We wish to work to find solutions to reduce the ongoing incidence of soft-tissue injuries which is prevalent in this area of sports related injuries (fitness training/gym).
We are wanting to better understand the correlation between the high incidences of each soft-tissue injury type, age demographic and sites where injury is occurring. We are wanting to understand how / why people are injuring themselves by undertaking personal fitness.

Allowing a better understanding of the very high prevalence of soft-tissue injuries sustained in undertaking personal fitness training and gym applications to find more relevant and practical solutions to reduce this even further.

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

Dataset submitted

Kia ora Please find the link below to the information as per your request. I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions about this response, please contact my team at Link to data: Kind regards Analytics & Reporting, ACC

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