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Women in STEM Workforce

What percentage of Women in New Zealand work in STEM related industries Ethnic breakdown of women in STEM Gender pay gap in STEM related industries Percentage of Women in leadership roles in STEM industries Women returning to STEM industries after maternity leave Retention of Women in STEM industries Women majoring in STEM degrees compared to women graduates employed in STEM industries

This data would highlight issues that women in particular face working in STEM related industries. It would show whether there were inequalities that affected women economically and other barriers women may face in progressing into leadership roles in STEM. In particular it would highlight the disparity of representation for Women in Māori, Pacific Island and other minority groups in STEM, thereby providing justification for more support for these groups in our community. It would also highlight retention rates of women in STEM and if there are difficulties in returning to the workforce after maternity leave and whether young women are facing barriers in getting employed as graduates in this field.
This information would help define issues facing women in STEM thus helping to provide solutions that would be beneficial in addressing these inequalities.

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