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raw data from traffic enforcement cameras

Images from traffic enforcement cameras are photos taken in public places, so they pose no privacy issues. Since they're products of an automated process rather than artistic works, there aren't any copyright issues. Also included would be automatically collected information derived from the image. Not necessarily included would be any manual information or information created from the point a human decision has been made to take legal or administrative action based on an image

public scrutiny of police in the area of traffic enforcement

enabling interested parties to browse the images and check for accuracy

Response from
New Zealand Police

Data not suitable for release

For a range of reasons, this data would not be made available publicly - including: (1)The format of the images is not easily transferable. (2)Not all speed camera photos show offending nor result in a fine - therefore all photos will not show accurate traffic enforcement data. (3) In the event of a prosecution resulting from a speed camera photo, an individual has the right to request a court trial. Publicly available speed camera images may compromise an individual's right to a fair trial.

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