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ACC claims records for injuries on State Highway 2 (Tongoio to Wairoa)

Data on claims and compensation for injuries incurred on the stretch of State Highway 2 between Tongoio and Wairoa. The window of time could/should be the last 10 years. If possible, data on all State Highways comparatively.

Understanding the impact and costs involved in dangerous roads, and the lack of realignment, or contextual factors around statistics and other heat maps on locations with the most injury claims on that stretch of road.
A spreadsheet form with case by case, or annual spend.

Grouping the information in such a way that we can see patterns over a period of time, comparatively to other main highways.

Response from
Accident Compensation Corporation

Data does not exist

ACC does not hold information to the level of detail requested. Due to the way we record data, we do not receive information on the exact location (a state highway name, road name etc) that an accident has occurred on. We suggest that you get in touch with Police, as they may have data more suitable for your purposes.

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